Beta Avengers

Andrew Ethan Burns | 22 | Nullify |

  • Height: 6’1
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Mental manipulation, telepathy, power negation, peak physical condition.

Andrew is the oldest of the four Burns children, which automatically makes him overprotective. Having grown up with a plush lifestyle, he has never and probably will never know what it means to struggle in terms of getting what you need verses what you want. However, Andrew isn’t the type to take what he has for granted. Unlike his brother, Andrew doesn’t have an ego or take advantage of the life he has. Which at times causes them to butt heads. Growing up, Andrew had a very close relationship with both his parents, which is something he is thankful for.

Being one to stray away from confrontation, he’s not keen on the idea of the others banding together to “avenge the death of their parents.” But, he knows that if they don’t do something now, it’ll prolong the inevitable. So reluctantly he helps them however they need, but mostly it’s to keep an eye on his siblings. Especially Alexis, who he is closest to. Allison gave him the nickname Nullify their sophomore year in high school when he had accidentally cut off her powers. He’s not fond of it, but it stuck, so he doesn’t see much of a reason to complain. Much like his father, he’s easy going and even tempered until something or someone he loves is threatened.

  • Son of Will Burns and Cassie Parson
posted Jul 6